Lights Out!

I think it’s safe to say that most parents want their children to have a better life than they experienced themselves. This doesn’t always equate to material possessions, but can often be things such as a closer relationship, better chances to succeed in life, a more balanced life or maybe even a life without fear. Lights Out! gives every parent a chance to reset a path and offer a better way for their child through courageous living.

You’ll relate to the experiences listed in the author’s life as well as his children’s. Rather than only seeing the fear of the dark as a nuisance or hindrance in a child’s life, use it as a gateway to talk about the character and creation of God. Light’s Out! is packed with some of your favorite Bible stories including Joseph, Daniel, Caleb, Hagar and many more!

You don’t have to wait and hope your child grows out of the fear of the dark. You can help your child tonight to face their fear head on as they learn to trust in the presence of God, enjoy the darkness as part of God’s creation and experience the peace of restful sleep that only God can give. Don’t wait any longer to start helping your child overcome this fear and gain the gift of peaceful sleep!